January 15th - Duo W/Marcia Bassett + Time Trout + The Dream Lovers + Sydney Spann - Abasement at Artist’s Space - 11 Cortlandt Alley, NYC - FREE


Barry Weisblat on slide projections / Selected dates with Tara Jane O’Neil & Jmy James Kidd

11th - San Diego - Crescent House - 631 N Crescent Ct + Charles Curtis
13th - Live KFJC 
14th - Oakland - Thee Stork Club + Tara Jane O’Neil & Jmy James Kidd + Bill Orcutt
15th - Santa Cruz - Indexical
+ Tara Jane O’Neil & Jmy James Kidd
16th - Oakland - Shapeshifters Cinema  + Thomas Dimuzio
17th - Sacramento (Orangevale) - Faulkner Living Room + San Kazakgascar
19th -  Idyllwild Arts Academy
21st - San Pedro - The Sardine + Bromp Treb + CGRSM 
22nd - Los Angeles - 2220 Arts and Archive
+ Tara Jane O’Neil & Jmy James Kidd + Marta Tiesenga
23rd - Joshua Tree - Fire House
+ Tara Jane O’Neil & Jmy James Kidd + The Renderers - EARLY SHOW

April 18th - Duo w/Marcia Bassett opening for Wolf Eyes/Anthony Braxton at Le Poisson Rouge - NYC


Inteview with The Self Portrait Gospel

Duo Cassette with Bentley Anderson - 2/9/23  - Edition of 50 copies - out on Decontrol over at Bandcamp

Violin Tests # 1 on the Fug Gum Comp put together by Seymour Glasss. Get it at Chocolate Monk or at Bandcamp

Augenmusik Cassette  Out On  Sloow Tapes  

Live at Spectacle Theater Cassette Release on Temple Glance Recordings on 6/9/2023. Available at Temple Glance Recordings, Deep Cuts, Ergot, Academy Records. Edition of 150

Jack Callahan Interview with Bill Nace/Samara Lubelski

For the fourth episode of 400 Floor we talk to Samara Lubelski & Bill Nace, two veterans of the East Coast underground music scene and old friends who, after years of orbiting around each other, began recently collaborating as a duo. We talk about Samara’s beginnings in the downtown bohemia of Soho in the 1970s through playing in famed groups such as Tower Recordings and Hall of Fame, and Bill’s small town New Jersey upbringing to planting deep roots in the Western Mass experimental music scene where he began long term collaborations with both Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon.

Thurston Moore/Bill Nace/Samara Lubelski  Live at The Stone LP - Edition of 100
Released by
Daksina on
Over at the Decimus BC

Digital Version of Solo Violin Record - String Cycle - Originally Released by Ultra Eczema on LP in 2014 - is up at Bandcamp

Vid Interview - walking around the LES with Megan and Parker - over at

Naval Gazers Compilation  - Track mixed and Produced by Matt Valentine. Played by Matt Valentine, Barry Weisblat and Samara Lubelski

Samara Lubelski / Marcia Bassett

New Cassette

West Coast Live
from N.A. 2019

out on Feeding Tube Records
Also at Bandcamp and Forced Exposure

Edition of 100