August 5th - Solo + Unica Forma + Grout + BK + Leila Bordreuil + Special Guest - Backyard in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn (contact for address).

August 10th - Solo + Wednesday Knudsen + Matt Robidoux - The Living Gallery - 1094 Broadway, Brooklyn

Sept 15th - New York Anarchist Book Fair Music Festival - Solo + Eugene Chadbourne/Jim McHugh + Daniel Carter/Andrew Barker/Kyle Motl + Ras Moshe + CA/DE/NA at P.I.T. - 411 S. 5th St., Brooklyn, NY  - EARLY SHOW - playing at 6pm

October 7th - Solo Violin - La Plaza Community Garden -  SW corner of 9th St. and Ave C, NYC - 4pm

October 11th - Solo Violin + Carlos Giffoni + Human Beast + Water Lice at TV EYE - Ridgewood, NY

October 29th - Ooze Fest - Amherst, MA

October 30th - Washington Baths - Portland, ME



                                                                                                    Cassette                                                                                                                         Out On                                                                                                                            Sloow Tapes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bandcamp 

Live at Spectacle Theater Cassette Release on Temple Glance Recordings on 6/9/2023. Available at Temple Glance Recordings, Deep Cuts, Ergot, Academy Records.      Edition of 150.


 Thurston Moore/Bill Nace/Samara Lubelski            
   Live at The Stone LP - Edition of 100
       Released by
 Daksina on 5/19

        Over at the Decimus BC.